International Association for Identification- New York Division

Forensic Science Courtroom Testimony

​Valhalla, NY (Tri-Tech)

Tri-State IAI Conference

​Atlantic City, NJ (NY-NJ-CT IAI)

Advanced (Scene Based)Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

​Allentown, PA (Cedar Crest College)

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Advanced Digital Imaging

​Columbia, SC (Foray Tech)

Contextual Bias in Forensic Science

Allentown, PA (Cedar Crest College)


Intermediate Digital Imaging

​Columbia, MD (Foray Tech)

"Forensic Science is used to predict not the future but the past."                       - Henry C. Lee

Advanced Digital Imaging

​Denver, CO (Foray Tech)

Intermediate Digital Imaging

​Provo, UT (Foray Tech)