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ACTIVE MEMBERS. Sec. 2 The Active membership; of the Association shall consist of Superintendents, or Officer, in charge of Bureaus of Identification, Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, and all other persons engaged in the science of identification and investigation, and who are bona fide employees of and receiving salaries wholly, or in part, from National, State, County or Municipal governments or sub divisions thereof. Any active member shall not lose his/her active status because of retirement or change of position so long as he maintains continuous membership.
Associate Members. Sec. 3 All reputable persons, wholly or partially engaged in any of the various phases of the science of identification or investigation, and who are not qualified for Active membership, are eligible to become Associate members . They shall in all respects be subject to the same rules, fees and charges, and entitled to the same rights and privileges, as Active members, except that they shall not be entitled to the office of Vice President or President.
Revised: August 2017

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